Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm finally going to be updating this blog at more regular intervals....instead of once every 6 months!

It's wedding time guys!


Sad, but true- our original venue of choice, called Ivanhoe Estate, has fallen through. Apparently they're site coordinator had some crazy family things going on, and they were "restructuring" the position. Well I don't think it's happening. We have had zero contact since January and now the website is gone.

Moving on....

We found a new place!!

The lovely Martin Farms, right here in good 'ol Phoenix, AZ.

Actually our very close friends, Chad and Sharon Martin, have graciously and excitedly offered up their place to us! If any of you have been to their house, you'll know how adorable and charming it is (I will be posting pictures soon).

Their backyard is the epitome of a "lets-get-together-and-be-friends" backyard. I mean there's a tree house, tree swing, fire pit, secret garden, fruit trees, a huge pecan tree, chickens, goats!, a vegetable garden, garden gnomes....I could go on forever!
Let's just say we're in love.

For the first time, I am truly excited and looking forward to planning this wedding. It doesn't seem like a giant stress-fest anymore! It's finally feeling fun, and that the pieces are coming together harmoniously. That's what it's about right?!

Stay posted for pictures of Martin Farms.


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